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One of the main aim is to create and coordinate a team of scientists and experts to address the challenges in the field of environmental nano- and microplastic pollution.


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Working Groups

PRIORITY is organised in seven Working Groups to develop a research network.


WG1 aims to assess impacts and risks on human health and environment related to N/MPs, as well as to identify, develop and increase the European and global standardization of methods for testing the hazards of N/MPs.


WG2 aims to help European and developing countries to assess and develop harmonized monitoring methods and sampling procedures for different environmental matrices.


The objectives of WG3 are to (1) understand the potential of the tools available for the analysis, (2) to help European and developing countries to assess harmonized methods, and (3) to facilitate and encourage access to EU research infrastructures and facilities.


WG4 aims to identify suitable and validated analytical methods for detection and quantification of NPs based on the experiences of the Action participants.


WG5 – Remediation, recovery and development of sustainable alternative to plastic materials- aims to identify reuse, recycling, and recovery alternatives for environmental plastics and to define technological approaches for new recycling and recovery alternatives.


The main objectives of this WG are the validation of existing protocols for sample preparation and measurements (shape, size, abundance, and composition) in the range of N/MPs, through organization and the participation of PRIORITY laboratories in interlaboratory studies and comparison with different independent measurement principles.


This WG plans to encourage scientists to participate in science communication activities to increase awareness in society and education regarding the environmental issues related to N/MPs.


Meet DE&I Group

The primary objective of the DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion) group is to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion within the COST PRIORITY framework. Action CA20101 is a research project that brings together institutions from various different countries.