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Short Training Days 2024 – GP3 call


These Small Training events represent a new concept with respect to the traditional model of Training Schools. In contrast to the singular large-scale training school model (as organized in the previous Grant Period, GP2, of PRIORITY COST Action, have a look here), this Grant Period, GP3, introduces a dynamic approach with smaller, distributed training events throughout the year (up to 8-10 training events). This innovative concept aims to empower a diverse array of host trainers to offer highly specialized and tailored training sessions for each Working Group.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, these small-scale training events, spanning one or two days (face-to-face), are collaboratively designed with the host trainers to precisely target specific trainees. Each event accommodates a limited number of participants in alignment with the host’s capacity. This agile and adaptive approach ensures that participants benefit from highly focused and personalized training, enabling the exchange of expertise and knowledge within a smaller, more interactive setting. The structure and scheduling of each Small Training event will be determined through an internal evaluation of potential host trainers with applications submitted during the first phase of the call. This evaluation process will follow an open call for applications for trainees held during the beginning of 2024 during the second phase. As a result, the Training Event Calendar is anticipated to commence around March 2024.


Participants will acquire specialized knowledge and skills tailored to their needs, contributing to their professional development and expertise. These events will promote interaction and collaboration among participants, encouraging the sharing of experiences, ideas, and best practices. Over time, these events can contribute to the development of local or specialized expertise, benefiting the larger community.


Selected Trainer Institutions will be granted with a Local Organizing Support (LOS) grant of 1000 eur for a one-day training, up to 2000 eur for a two-days training. For a face-to-face event, the LOS can cover, for example:

  • Rental for rooms, audio-visual (A/V) materials, and poster stands;
  • Photocopying and the printing of programmes, handouts, event materials, book of abstracts, book of proceedings, flyers etc.;
  • Refreshments (snacks and beverages not intended to substitute lunch nor dinner); • Collective bus transfer to the event venue; This refers to the transfer of all participants from a designated point to the event venue in the cases when the event venue is in a remote location without adequate public transport; This does not include airport transfer to hotels, bus transfer to the conference dinner or the bus reservation with a touristic purpose, which are not eligible in any case;
  • Field trip expenses if relevant to the objectives of the approved Training School;
  • Administrative support and secretarial expenses linked to hosting and organising the approved scientific activity.

The grant awarded to the Local Organiser is a contribution to the organisation of the Action event and does not necessarily correspond to the actual expenses incurred. The Local Organiser does not, necessarily, need to reimburse the difference between the actual expenses incurred and the grant amount received.

The Local Organiser Support grant shall always be paid into an institutional bank account and never into a personal bank account. The Local Organiser Support grant shall be paid after the event has taken place and the attendance list have been uploaded in e-COST. COST Association does not require any receipts or invoices from the Grant Holder institution to justify the amount granted to the Local Organiser except the attendance list.


The selected trainees will receive a contribution from PRIORITY in the form of:

  • travel expenses contribution: reimbursement up to 400 eur for long distance travel (>101 km), on face-value basis
  • daily allowance: reimbursement of a daily allowance of 100 eur for all the remaining expenses – no registration fees requested for the attendance of the Training event.

Submission procedure

PHASE 1: “Call for Host” Deadline: 31/01/2024. The proposal must be submitted to For any information or requests refer to

PHASE 2: “Release of the Training Days Calendar”: expected by 15/02/2024

PHASE 3: “Call for Trainees”, Opening: 15/02/2024 Deadline: 28/02/2024. Template for the submission and detailed instructions will follow soon.



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